Selection criteria

The jury uses the following selection criteria to evaluate the projects:

critères de sélection III

Weight/volume reduction of packaging:

A modification to the packaging reduced the weight and/or volume of the packaging while maintaining its functionality.

Origin of the materials:
The origin of the materials was modified to make it more ecological.
For example, recycled materials, renewable, certified source, etc.

End of life:
The modification to the packaging optimised the life of the product by making the packaging recyclable or reusable.

Product waste reduction:
The modification to the packaging reduces product loss/waste.
For example:
– Reducing product waste with a better dosing system,
with packaging that is easy to empty, etc.
– Extending the product’s life with resealable packaging, portions,
allowing more hygienic use of cosmetics, etc.
– Reducing damage by optimising storage for example, etc.

Optimisation of transportation and logistics:
A modification to the packaging reduces the number of trucks required, for example,
or optimises storage conditions, etc.

More sustainable use of the product:
The modification to the packaging affects the use of the product,
reduces its environmental impact.
For example, if the product can be stored or prepared using less energy.

Communication between users and companies to encourage sustainable behaviour:
Does the packaging include a message to motivate users to change their habits and reduce their environmental impact:
– When using the product: advice for reducing energy consumption.
For example, on the packaging of potatoes: advice to use a lid when cooking.
– With regard to the product’s end of life: recommendations for reuse and encouragements to sort.

Optimisation of the production/manufacturing/filling process:
The modified packaging reduces the amount of energy required for manufacturing, makes filling easier, optimises the production process.

Overall policy of the company:
– The product (contents + packaging) is the result of a comprehensive approach by the company to reduce its environmental impact or to improve its efforts for sustainable development.
For example, environmental certification (EMAS, ISO, etc.), sustainability charter or other scheme.
– The product is the result of a focussed policy. For example, an eco-label or other official scheme.
Documentation must be available upon request, especially if the product is nominated for the prize.

The new packaging is an innovation in comparison with what is currently on the market.