Packaging diagnostics

More than 25 companies have already used one particular service, packaging diagnostics, which has been developed by Fost Plus and VAL-I-PAC in collaboration with the Centre for Packaging of the University of ┬áHasselt and the Belgian Packaging Institute. It’s a free service (*) for packaging managers with the intention of providing specific and practical recommendations for immediate implementation. The diagnostics activity only takes half a day and results in a neutral recommendation by independent experts from academic and scientific communities. Are you interested in this tool (and you are a member of Fost Plus or VAL-I-PAC)? All you have to do is request your diagnostics by sending an e-mail to or

(*) this service is reserved for members of Fost Plus and VAL-I-PAC

Preventpack is celebrating its 10th anniversary

It’s now been 10 years since the Preventpack initiative started under the impetus of Fost Plus and VAL-I-PAC but also with the co-operation of the trade federations (FEB, Beci, UWE, Voka, Fevia, Comeos, Detic) and the Interregional Packaging Commission. It’s an excellent information channel for everyone who is interested in packaging prevention. The portal provides a wealth of information on packaging prevention and eco-design for you.