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Fost Plus is an approved private agency which is responsible for the recovery obligations and information with regard to waste from household packaging, on behalf of the its member companies. In this context, the agency takes all the necessary measures to promote, co-ordinate and finance selective collection, sorting and recycling in order to achieve the statutory recycling (80%) and recovery (90%) rates imposed by the authorities.

The agency also increases awareness among its members to reduce the environmental footprint.

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Every company that markets packaged products on the Belgian market are legally required since 1998 to have the industrial packaging waste of their products recycled. This requirement is often complex to implement in practice on an individual basis.

The mission of VAL-I-PAC is based on the collective management of data: on the one hand, we collect data which is transmitted to us by our customers, the parties responsible for the industrial packaging they bring onto the market. On the other hand, we also gather data via collectors who collect waste from their customers and then recycle it. We forward this information to the relevant authorities, the Interregional Packaging Commission. To optimise the system, VAL-I-PAC encourages recycling by means of financial incentives which are paid to companies that sort their waste selectively.

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