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The non-profit organisation Fost Plus, an accredited private organisation, is responsible for the take-back and information obligation for household packaging waste on behalf of the companies affiliated. To this end, it takes all necessary measures to promote, coordinate and finance selective collection, sorting and recycling in order to reach the recycling percentages imposed by the authorities.

Packaging management has moved towards a sustainable management of materials. For this, Fost Plus collaborates closely with all parties concerned: municipalities, intermunicipal associations, collection companies, sorting centers, recyclers and citizens. Our activities are financed by companies that put packaging on the Belgian market.

Fost Plus also helps its members to meet their commitments and find sustainable solutions for all household packaging on the market, with a view to achieving the future objectives of packaging recycling.

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Valipac offers companies a collective response to the Extended Producer Responsibility for industrial packaging.

Our model is a participative model based on dialogue with our various stakeholders: professional federations, authorities and employers’ organizations are part of our decision-making bodies.

In 20 years we have helped to increase the recycling rate of industrial packaging from 74% to 88.8% while maintaining stable rates for our customers.

Today, Valipac’s mission is to facilitate the transition from the linear economy to the circular economy: reintegrating end-of-life materials into the production process and thus reducing waste production and the extraction of raw materials.

Through the Greener Packaging Awards, Valipac aims to stimulate companies to implement eco-design principles such as extending the life of materials or designing products in anticipation of their end-of-life.

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The Empack and Packaging Innovations trade fairs add a string to their bow.
Their next edition, will host the new Get Smart (in) Packaging event, in collaboration with Emballage & Etiquettes magazine. Interactive seminars delivered by inspiring speakers, all experts in the packaging industry and a award ceremony with a gala dinner.
A first for the packaging sector in Belgium!