Selection criteria

The jury uses the following selection criteria to evaluate the projects:

Circularity / Sustainability

  • An LCA study was conducted (CO2, water, energy) – documentable
  • The design facilitates sorting and recycling (shape, material compatibility)
  • The packaging contains recycled materials
  • The packaging has been designed to integrate into an existing recycling stream
  • The packaging is reusable and remplaces a single use packaging (documentable)
  • The packaging avoids product waste (dosing function/ability to empty the packaging completely, …)
  • The packaging allows to reduce enery/water consumption during the production process (« green energy », water purification, new energy-saving technologies, waste reduction, …)

Innovative Character

  • New packaging with a distinctly innovative character
  • Creative use of materials that are easy to recycle as a whole or in part
  • Creative design that contributes to the commercial success of the product
  • Wow factor (an exceptionally impressive packaging from a qualitative point of view or design)
  • Use of new materials or production technologies


  • Design appreciated by the user because of its ease of use (opening, handling, …)
  • Innovative design/material that helps protect the product (during transport, use, …)
  • Innovative design/material that helps preserve the product (hygiene, preservation, …)


  • Optimisation of the transport configuration (more goods per pallet, intelligent use of secondary and tertiary packaging, …)
  • Smart packaging solutions to avoid mobility problems


  • Sustainability as a corporate culture (charter, …) – documentable
  • The user receives more information – on the packaging – through pictograms or clear texts, via smartphone (QR code, NFC, …). Examples of additional information :  legislation, sorting correctly, life-style,  games, ….
  • Interactive website with additional information about the product or packaging. Examples of additional information : legislation, sorting correctly, life-style,  games, ….
  • The complete packaging concept (shape, graphic design, …) is used to convince consumers of the product’s quality
  • Additional efforts to help society with sorting, recycling (organisation of info sessions, litter collection campaigns, …)